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My name is Connor Rickett, and this is the website for my freelance writing company, Cities of the Mind. This blog contains advice and experience from myself and guest posters about writing, freelancing, entrepreneurship, and assorted other subjects of use in the modern world. 

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It is my pleasure to recommend Connor Rickett for employment with your organization. I have known Mr. Rickett for approximately one year, during which time he worked as a copywriter, researcher, and developer for my office. I have been consistently impressed with Mr. Rickett’s attitude and productivity during the time he’s worked for us.

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Albert Wilson

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Connor is a very dedicated writer, committed to succeeding at his craft. I hired him to write short articles for the former incarnation of my company, ArtScienceFun, LLC, which was seeking to make science more fun for the general populous through the use of art. The articles he wrote were pithy, witty, and topical. It was the weekly column of science writing. Unfortunately, the company folded, but Connor’s desire to write remains.

Jake Smith

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You’re righting not so gud? I fix 4U 4 $$$!1!
But seriously, that’s something I can do. Because there’s a blurry line between “editing” and “rewriting the whole darn thing,” I charge accordingly.

General Writing

Writing. I write pages of paragraphs of sentences of words of letters, and you give me money, preferably of dollars. Anything you can want, I can write.
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BW Author ThumbConnor Rickett is a young freelance writer in the early stages of fortune and fame; namely debt and infamy. He's investigated and ghostwritten books, written scripts and screenplays, writes content for various blogs (and bloggers) and eventually wants to support himself writing fiction. For now, he's content to work at a job he loves, travel, and generally enjoy life. 

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