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My name is Connor Rickett. I write things. For a living! And I'm glad you're here.

Hey there, we're a bit under construction, but the archives are still up and running, and I'm still planning to create posts. There's just, you know, stuff changing and things.

Moving forward, Cities of the Mind will be divided into three separate categories:

  1. Articles for writers who want to write better.
  2. Articles for businesses trying to figure out if and how to hire a writer.
  3. Short stories and updates from me.

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1. Writers who want to write better:

Everyone's got stories to tell, but not everyone gets to tell them. A lot of people want to, but something's holding them back. Sometimes it's time, sometimes it's the work, sometimes it's the skill required. The truth is, though, you can get better at telling stories with practice, and the effort doesn't need to take over your life.

If you're interested in learning more about storytelling, whether it's the how that interests you, the why, or the art and science behind good stories, this is the place for you. Get to reading!

Or check out the three most recent posts in the category:

2. Businesses interested in hiring a writer.

You might not be sure if your business has any use for a writer. Well, take it from a writer who wants your business: It does.

The first place most of your clients will encounter your business these days is the internet. Personally, I don't go anywhere except maybe the grocery store without checking out their reviews and website first. Whether I'm looking for a new coffee shop to work in, a new restaurant, or a place to buy new camping equipment, I check online first.

In spite of this, many, if not most, small businesses have websites somewhere between bad and worse. They have no online presence, they have no blog, they have errors in their website copy. This is a huge problem! It really is! Here you are, being awesome at something that isn't writing, and then the fact that you, or whoever you hired to do your site, isn't a professional writer is making you look bad.

It's not fair, obviously, that people are going to think, "Hey, this guy can't even tell the difference between 'their' and 'there' so how I possibly trust him to paint my house?" But they will, sort of. What's really happening, though, is they're thinking, "How good can this guy be at painting houses if he can't even afford to hire someone professional to write his website?"

Hiring a professional writer isn't just affordable, it will almost certainly pay for itself! Find out more.

3. People here for me!

This is my own work. Short stories, updates on the site, the business, life, maybe this or  that other thing as well. Check it out!

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