My Own Writing

Some people do come here to learn more about me, or, better yet(!), read some of my stories! I couldn’t be happier than I am when I see someone’s read one of my short stories–except maybe when someone leaves a comment!

Also, this is where general site and life updates go, for now.

Anyway, read and enjoy!

Connor Rickett’s Stories

Stranger Roads: Folded Cloth and Other Small Magics

Folded Cloth and Other Small Magics A Stranger Roads Story The sound is what catches me first, a strange scuffing; hollow, musical in an accidental sort of way. I couldn’t see the source behind a wall of murmuring bodies. Silence ...
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Stranger Roads: A Pale Minivan

In the space between one heartbeat and the next, I’m standing. I’m standing before I’m awake, the dry leaves that made my bed tumbling away in the pre-dawn breeze, barely seen in darkness, but speaking of their journey downward in ...
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Stranger Roads: The Wicked Box

“I ordered the soup,” I tell the waitress. “That is the soup,” she shoots back, with an eye roll for effect. “Oh,” I say, pausing for my own effect, “Any chance I can get a knife, then?” She gives me ...
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grimmer and grimmer, short story, paranormal investigators.

Grimmer & Grimmer: Death Done Us (part 2)

If you missed part one, this will be confusing.  Flying is really, really, cool. I imagine it would be cooler if I could really feel the breeze, but ghosts don’t really interact with matter directly. Most people don’t realize that ...
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A True Halloween Tale: The Roller Ghoster!

This is a very old post from another site, but it’s one of those things I think about and chuckle over every year about this time, so I’m reposting it here. Without further ado, the tale of the roller ghoster! ...
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Spillers: My First Big Public Reading

Spillers at the Crescent Ballroom A bit over a month ago I submitted a sample to a local Phoenix event for writers called “Spillers”. The premise is pretty straightforward: Six writers get to read in front of the crowd at the ...
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The Human Game: Wilderness, Nature Casinos, Chimp Muscles, and Why Being Alone Matters

The Human Game: Wilderness, Nature Casinos, Chimp Muscles, and Why Being Alone Matters I recently had the privilege of spending several days camping in Glacier National Park. The first couple nights I had company, but the third day I had ...
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narrated coin toss in diner short story

Narrated Stories: Coin Toss in a Diner Download file | Play in new window Hello there! This is the narrated version of one of my stories, Coin Toss in a Diner, and I hope there will be more. I’m doing this with a mind to improve my ...
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