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Writing is easy. Writing really well is . . . hard. And challenging. And fun. There are so many diverse skills that go into writing that there really is no upper limit on how good a writer a person can become, and we’ll never run out of things to learn. Isn’t that fantastic?

It definitely makes articles about writing easy to do. I’m here to help you become better . . . And I hope I succeed!

The Latest Articles for Writers

10 Obvious Mistakes to Avoid in Creating Your Antagonist

Bad Villains Happen Look, just because you're writing someone bad doesn't mean you need to write them badly. Sure, people do write poorly constructed antagonists into their books, shows, and movies with sad regularity. And good writers get away with ...
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The Guide to Creating a Better Antagonist

Who's Your Most Important Character? So who is your most important character? If you can read titles, you've probably figured out the answer. Of course, the important question is actually why? First, let's get the fluff out of the way ...
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Guest Post by Cody Wagner: Why Marketing Yourself Sucks

Today’s blog is from Cody Wagner, a friend and fellow author. You can read more of his blogging at or check out his highly-rated debuted novel A Gay Teen’s Guide to Defeating a Siren at Goodreads or Amazon! Why Marketing Yourself Sucks Now ...
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Why Good Writers Don’t Isolate Themselves

There’s nothing quite like driving down the highway in a strong and sustained heavy rain. The buffeting of wind and the gently pulsing rhythm of rain against the body of the car. The sound and vibration roll through you and ...
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title card for plagiarism article

The Ethics and Complexities of Plagiarism

So I’ve been writing some guidelines for the Department of Education’s new blog, to help first-time and less experienced writers avoid plagiarism. At first it was just a very short subsection of the larger guide for contributors, saying something along ...
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When the Heat is On

Everything rises, falls, starts, stops, and changes. This is going to be one of those more rambling posts about the general challenges in my writing life. You can stay, go, enjoy the commiseration or the schadenfreude, it’s up to you! ...
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Stranger Roads: Strange, Then Stranger

Ordinary or strange, every story starts somewhere. Where, though, isn’t always so clear. Maybe this story started with an animal in the road, or maybe with a patch of ice. Maybe Jake just fell asleep at the wheel. No one ...
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A Step-by-Step Post Revision: Fixing “Beauty”

The Challenges of Writing About Beauty is one of my top performers here on Cities of the Mind. That being said, it’s really at the same level as some of my more recent content, visually or on a purely content-quality ...
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Challenges of Writing About Beauty

Some collected thoughts on the challenge of writing about beauty. I’m going to outline a few of the inherent problems, give you a couple examples, outline a few ways to overcome this particular challenge, also with examples, and explain why, ...
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improve old content

Why (and How) You Should Improve Your Old Blog Content

Why Should You Improve Your Old Blog Content? That’s a pretty reasonable question, since you could be spending that time creating brand new content instead. Well, there are some pretty good reasons to improve your old blog content, frankly, and ...
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