June in Review

Wow, so June has been a busy month! This is going to be a quick post, because I a literally sick and tired right now. Also, playing with a different art program, so there’s going to be a small step back in banner quality for the next couple weeks.

Traffic is actually a little down from May, I suspect because other sites are getting with the mobile performance side of things, so I’m not get that boost. However, we’re still ahead of April, and–this is the big thing!–I’ve pulled slight ahead on returning users. Which is to say, I didn’t get as many new folks as last month, but a lot of the people who were new came back for more. The subscriber list is continuing to grow, too.

So, welcome to Cities of the Mind, please feel free to say hi!

Guest Posts

My professional plate has been pretty full. As predicted at the end of May, I didn’t have time to post last week, but luckily Andrew Terech stepped up with a great guest post! His post came hard on heels of James David Nicol’s PodCast. So, basically, I owe a these guys big time for making sure you all had something to read or listen to. We also got a boost much earlier in the month from Greg Miller. So check out their posts!

Andrew Terech guest contributor feature
Or visit his own site: AndrewTerechWriting.com

mac and june author james david nicol
Or visit his own blog: JamesDavidNicol.com

greg miller guest post book
Or visit his own site: The Other Network

Please Visit Their Blogs!

Oh, and don’t miss my own, up at Beemgee.com: Pain is Character-Building (Why You Have to Hurt Your Characters to Help Them).


I think I actually had some pretty good ones last month. Click to take a look!

How to Make Money Writing

This is a big one, really the feature article of the entire month. I put a lot of work into creating a solid list of the skills that translate into getting paid for writing. If you’ve ever thought about taking a crack at writing for a living, please check it out.

CotM feat How to Make Money Writing

Choosing Beta Readers

I wrote about, and created infographics about, choosing Beta Readers at some length this month. I had a lot of help from the folks over at Central Phoenix Writing Workshop and on LinkedIn’s Writers Hangout. If you write books, this is a hurdle you’ll have to jump at some point, so you want to get it right!

guidelines for choosing beta readers
Click the image to read!

And don’t miss the infographic version!

CotM feat InfoG Choose Beta Readers

How to Write a Book Quickly

Writing a book can take a long time. That’s perfectly okay. It’s worth noting, though, it doesn’t have to.

CotM feat Write Book Quickly 2

Wrap Up & Various Bits of Writing Art

That’s about the highlights of it, I guess. It’s been a busy month, for sure. Progress continues on the big side project.

mark twain that substitute damn quote
Probably not really by Mark Twain though.

Terry Pratchett frist draft telling yourself storyCotM Red Ink Blog

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