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The Ultimate Do’s And Don’ts List To Make Your Twitter Bio Interesting


Twitter has become the most popular social networking platform around the world. Whether you are a businessman, a politician, a teacher or just a student, Twitter is a must-have app for every Smartphone nowadays. It not only enables you to connect to the world, but also lets you share your thoughts, views and opinions on a widely used platform.

While many people understand the importance of an effective bio for their Twitter account, many do not even bother writing one. If you belong to the latter category, write your bio today. Before you do that, take a look at following essential do’s and don’ts if you really want to write an impressive bio:


Certain things that must be taken care of while writing an impressive bio include:

  • Be original. Nobody is asking you to come up with something nobody has ever heard before, but try to write as original and true description of yourself as you can. The key to writing an impressive bio is originality + humor. So, add a little humor at the end of your description to provide a good read for all the visitors.
  • It is okay to describe your personality a little but considering the 160 character limit, pay more attention to writing about your interests and achievements. This way you can help your followers to relate and communicate with you better.
  • Add keywords and hashtags by considering SEO. You can add hashtags to your job description or to your claim to fame so that it becomes easier for people to find you. Using hashtags to promote your business on Twitter is also a good idea if you want to use this social platform productively.
  • Include a link to your website or your business page so that you can describe about yourself or your business in more than 160 characters.
  • Be unique and creative. People get bored of reading the same old description over and over again. Give the visitors something new to read whenever they visit, and keep updating your description every now and then.


When you know what to write, it is equally important to know what not to do. Find out what you should avoid writing in your bio below:

  • Avoid using too many emoticons, mixture of capital and small letters and other strings like *^# and etc., because it gives out a very unprofessional impression. Unless you are in your preteen phase, do not use any such decorative strings to describe yourself on Twitter.
  • Some people use too many and unnecessary hashtags for things that don’t even require any attention. For instance if you write, “I am a #blah blah #freak #I hate #I love #blah blah,” it will make people wonder if you really understand the meaning of hashtags or just using it anyway.
  • Wrong grammar! It is the best thing you can do to ruin your entire image on a social networking site. If you think you are not good at grammar, then ask a friend to write a bio on Twitter for you.
  • Asking profile visitors to follow you is a big turn-off and something you should totally avoid doing. While you may get some people to follow you with your request in the bio, it will make people think of you a little desperate for increasing the number of followers.
  • No matter how funny you find any of your inside jokes, do not put them up in your bio. Nobody besides your close friends and family will be able to understand your joke, and therefore consider your sense of humor a little weird.

So, now after knowing what you should write and what must totally avoid, you can expect your Twitter account to look more impressive than ever before.

About Author:  Ashley Sanford works at Peak Dissertation supervising a panel of professional dissertation writers. She’s also a passionate blogger with a core interest in leadership program and consultation.

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