The Goings On

I’ve been doing a lot of writing on the technical things, lately, so let’s talk about the fun side of writing. I’ve got a guest post up over at BC Brown’s site. She wrote an article for me about the inspirational properties of adult diapers, so, you know, don’t miss that, okay? I’m going to have guest posts up on both and in the near future, as well, and a serial zombie-ghost sci-fi noire mystery series up on a new site being started by Scarlet Raven author CA Wilke.

I’m not going to be writing a ton of content today, despite how good that is for SEO, since I’ve got a fair bit going on. You know, end of the month stuff. Life is going well, the side project is progressing pretty well. Check out the logo for the new site:

Vagabond Logo Blue Tan No Core
Look, I’m just going to say it. This is an awesome logo.

Some More Plans

There’s going to be a writer opportunity page going up, including info about how other writers and experts can contribute to the site, most which are outlined here, but there are other things going as well, so be ready, my friends, be ready. Basically, guest posts, flash posts, and a contest or two.

Hopefully, they’ll all get done in good time, but, as my longtime readers know, my ambition often exceeds my grasp. Not this time though!


Actually, let’s talk about ambition for a minute. I think there’s a place for a serious conversation about this. The meaning of life is defiance, and there are many things which defy us, actively, consciously, passively, coincidentally, and all sorts of fun combinations of all four . . . that is the nature of life.

The hard truth is that you can often fail to live up to who you believe yourself capable of being . . . but you can never be more than you believe you can be. So use that ambition. Siphon that crazy right into the fuel tank when you run out of all other motivations.

I still expect to succeed. I expect to fail, too. I simply know I will never accept failure as the endgame, and that’s where ambition carries its weight. So, anyway, I have some ambitious goals for the next month, but I had ambitious goals for May, too, and they’ve really turned out well. April traffic was up 150% over March, and May is one track to be more than 150% up on April. Practically speaking, that’s translated into ranking in the low two millions on Alexa, and a pretty big jump in search impressions.

Life is motion, momentum, from that first motion, crawling until you can walk, walking until you can run, running until you’re too tired to walk, walking until you can’t walk, and then crawling until the stillness takes you again.

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