10 tips for not sucking

10 tips for not sucking

An End of the Year Project

It’s running up into that New Year sort of time when we all worry about who we are and, mostly, who we’re not but really kinda should be. I think we worry a bit too much about that sort of thing, on account of how, when we’re born, we do suck at everything. Every single thing we ever become even passable at is a result of some combination of effort and natural inclination. Mostly effort.

In fact, one of the most difficult parts of life is not sucking at everything. What about you? Are you worried you might suck at something, most things, or everything? Do you want to do something about that? Well, if your answer was “No,” to the question above, worry no more: You do suck at everything.

If you’re answer was. “Yes,” you probably don’t have quite so much to worry about, but I have, as something of an expert at (figurative) sucking at things, put together this guide for your perusal. You’ll notice, I hope, that most of them have to do with how you interact with other people, and I hope the implications of that will sink in.

Don’t get me wrong, this guide won’t make you good at anything. It’s just a set of principles I find opens the door leading to the long, winding, structurally unsound, staircase that will take you to the floors labeled “Passable”, “Actually Pretty Okay”, “Decent”, and, “Well, Damn You’re Pretty Good at This”.

The whole thing got a little bit long, so I decided I would do sort of a “12 Days of Christmas” thing, here, and release one tip each day, except there will be ten, not twelve. Planning things more than a week in advance is actually a huge commitment for me, so I hope you appreciate it!

Anyway, every single weekday between now and the 25th, one of my 10 tips will post, and hopefully you’ll enjoy them. Maybe they’ll even coming in handy. Check in tomorrow for the first one! I’ll revisit this post to add more as we go.

Courage Wolf

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