Online Tools to Help Improve Business Writing Skills

Business enterprises use various Internet marketing strategies and tools in order to get more customers and clients to purchase their product/service. Whether it is for your site’s content, blog articles or copywriting, it is essential to have effective business writing skills. And for students, writers and others, this skill is really important especially in today’s world where any business has to face tough competition. Using these online tools, you can help further enhance and improve your business writing skills.


To practice your writing skills, one of the best sites out there is the After signing up for your own account, you get to access the site’s platform and make use of its full features. For novelist, this site can help them write a novel in just a month. It can help you track your progress. But apart from just your work, Nanowrimo is also a place where you can interact with other writers online and have pep talks and other kinds of support.


When you have a business content that needs to be written and you simply do not have the time to do it, the best way is to find a reputable and reliable writing company like BestEssayTips. With extensive experience in writing essays, research papers to even business materials, you can just provide the details that you want to include and their writer will take on the job. The site is also home to lots of interesting materials that give tips and information to those who want to hone their writing skills. They have a pretty good online resource for aspiring writers who want to learn more about writing as well as editing.

Byword 2

In your busy schedule everyday, most of the time you may have to edit some text using your mobile device. If you are using an iPhone or an iPad, there is an easy to use editing tool that you can download from the App Store. Byword 2 is an application that provides you all of the tools that you need. By using this app, you get to enjoy writing and at the same time, you can write with more efficiency and clarity. The app gives has essential features like word counters and keyboard shortcuts to have a hassle-free writing and editing. Apart from that, you can also sync your files in any of your devices. Should you wish to work on your Mac, you can just access the file online.


In business writing, you do not just ensure that you create a compelling, professional and well-written content. You also have to incorporate creative value into your work. Among the best apps to help you write more effectively to catch the attention of your audience is the Hemingwayapp. By using this app, editing is made much easier as the app automatically highlights certain parts of the sentences, words or phrases that need improvement. Since the word, phrases and sentences are highlighted in different colors, it is much easier to know which one needs to be edited or changed.


Whether it is a business content or any other written project, you should always check on your grammar and spelling. Unfortunately, there are many who find it challenging when it comes to dealing with grammar. With the help of sites like dailygrammar, you get to have a broad range of useful materials that you can use to learn more about grammar and to improve your grammar skills. The site is home to various workbooks, eBooks, blog articles, etc. In fact, they also 44o lessons as well as 88 quizzes to help you test your grammar skills after taking up the lessons online.

Focus Writer

One of the most difficult things that writers have to do in order to finish any written work is to focus. As such, you would want to avoid any form of distraction when you are writing. One great tool created for this purpose is the FocusWriter. With this simple interface, you can have a full view of your work and immerse yourself in it without any distraction or clutter. The interface is readily available for MAC OS X, Windows and Linux. It also features timers and alarms, daily goals, customized themes, typewriter sound effects and a whole lot more. After writing your work, you can use it spell-checking feature to proofread the text.

Business writing is challenging for many since you do not just write to give information and capture your audience’s attention. You write to attract potential customers and convert them into potentials leads then eventually translate into sales. With these tools, you can start working on your business writing skills and make your writing really effective.

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