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How a Little Screw Became a Big Screw

This past week was . . . busy.

Really busy. It began with a trip to Prescott to see my mom, who was there overseeing some cousins while my aunt and uncle took a break. I brought Wren up with me to meet her, too. This segued into a camping trip down Wolf Creek, then a trip up over Mingus on the 89A and an afternoon in Jerome, before heading back to PHX.

From there is was right to work on writing, because I’ve got a ton to get done, and I want to get a bit ahead, what with our trip this weekend to climb the San Francisco Peaks up in Flagstaff for Wren’s birthday, her family birthday brunch on Sunday (I’m actually writing this Sunday as she gets her hair done) and my upcoming trip to Glacier National Park next week, then driving a family friend down from there to her winter home in Las Vegas. I’m renting a car in Montana, flying out from Las Vegas, so I’ve got one day of driving to Las Vegas ahead of me, too.

stone cairn wind shelter connor rickett mount humphreys arizona
Resting in the wind shelter at 12,635′

And I’m trying to keep up on this blog, get my other blog up and running, and finish forging a knife so that I can grind it down, drill it, fit a handle, and rivet that on while I’m staying at my folks’ place in Las Vegas. And I’ve got to throw a resume together for that big job I was talking about last week, and set up an appointment for that. Since I don’t know how much of my time that job will devour, I’m also trying to get a jump on a few different projects for clients (you know, the usual work that I do for money) so I don’t leave them hanging.

Somewhere in there I have to find time to review the edits on a book I ghostwrote before it makes its (supposedly) final trip to the publisher.

Basically, I’m busy right now. Phew!

Now, let’s get into how I managed to screw myself over through laziness and putting off a trivial task.

The Little Screw

A few months ago I had to fix something in my computer. I opened it up, fixed the problem, put it all back together, and, in the process, the very last of the screws cracked the plastic and fell inside the case. Toshiba, for whatever reason, makes opening up their laptops about as easy as blindfolded brain surgery, so I’d been at it for a couple hours. I tried to get at the screw through the easier to open panels–as opposed to the one where I have to take out the battery and CD case, remove and disconnect the keyboard, pop of the bottom, remove the keyboard mounting, and take the motherboard apart–no luck. I even shook it a few times. The screw didn’t fall out, so I realized I would have to undo the whole damned kit, caboodle, etc.

I . . . elected not to.

For the record, leaving a screw bouncing around in your computer is a really bad idea for lots of reasons. A bunch of things could have happened.

The Big Screw

Well, Friday, one of them did. I finished up a couple big projects and decided to head home for a bite. I got lucky here, because I’d already turned off the computer, so when I tipped it sideways and the screw finally finished its long migration to the fan, and began rattling violently around, the fan was barely spinning, and slowing down; it only made a scary noise instead of destroying my computer.

So while I heated up dinner, I broke out the tools and began slowly taking my laptop apart. A long, laborious project.

Now, it should be said that when I first ran into trouble, I had things to do (because they do tend to pile up for me when the computer’s down), so I had a good reason to leave the screw in there that first day.

That is no excuse for leaving it in there during the last couple months, however. I should have spent a free afternoon on the tedious job of getting the stupid little F5 screw out of there, and I didn’t. I let myself slide into the out of site, out of mind, state of mind until something finally went wrong. And, of course, it happened when I was in a huge hurry and very busy.

So, just a gentle reminder out there for those putting stuff off that should be done; you might be screwing yourself–literally!

Have you ever screwed yourself over by ignoring a small task until it became a much larger one?

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4 Thoughts on “How a Little Screw Became a Big Screw”

  • First of all Connor!

    I’m glad were at least able to finally get things squared away! And it definitely does sound like you are a man in constant perpetual motion!LOL!

    And on top of all that, you understand computers! My hats off to you! Because I struggle with even the simplest of things, as it relates to them!

    But I can readily appreciate “how” your little screw graduated into a really big one! Thanks for sharing such a nice story!

    I found your by way of one my Coaches, Donna Merrill! Take care and continued success!

    • Mark,

      First off, thanks for stopping by, and welcome to my blog!

      Computers for me are like web development: I know just enough to break it, so I have no choice but to learn how to fix it . . . which teaches me new ways to break it. It’s a vicious cycle, but those little chunks of knowledge do add up after awhile.

      Thanks again for stopping by!


  • Hi Connor,

    And the moral of the story is in the last line lol. It is so true that if we put things off we do screw ourselves.

    I used to do that sort of thing a while back, but learned to “eat the frog” which means do the most difficult task first during the day. Once that became a habit, life is a little more easy.

    Thanks for the wonderful story,


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