moving on, moving up

The only break in the blue sky is the white of the half moon, which provides no shade. The blue actually works, though, because it’s about the same shade as the really really hot bit down at the base of a flame. Welcome to summer in Phoenix.

I hadn’t really planned on staying in Phoenix for this long, but I just signed a lease to stay for another year. The good news is that I’m about to move somewhere with a pool. And a room for an office. And a garage for my tools and projects. And a nearby mountain. That last bit won’t be quite as handy will the Phoenix is a simmering frying pan of burning hatred for living things, determined to immolate everything within its bounds. But, you know, later on in the year, towards Autumn, it’s going to be pretty nice.

It’s going to mean more than that, though. For Fiscal Year 2017, which just started, I’ve gotten half again as many hours from the Arizona Department of Education, my largest client. This is huge! Why is it huge? Because it means I can support myself off the work I’m doing for a single client, and the rest of my time is my own!

Since I’m 29, and I’m feeling that insidious creeping of time, this should mean a lot of cool things. The first is that the travel-focused blog is going to happen. Now, it’s not going to be the traditional travel guide, mind you. It’s a writer’s travel guide. There will be, sure, information on the places I go and the things I do, here in Arizona, but there will be stories, too. I haven’t decided just how the balance will fall, and I don’t see any reason to do so until I’m writing. And maybe not then.

This has been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time (pretty much since I last stopped travelling) and it looks like everything is coming together! Not in the least, I will finally be able to get in condition for hiking, now that I’ll be living a mile from South Mountain!

Really, I’m pretty excited about life.

There are, as always, other projects, and I’m quite motivated to finish them by my impending old age. However, what I’m really looking forward to in all of this is (hopefully) the beginning of a shift from constantly trying to keep my head above the water, where all my work goes into maintaining, to a position where a small fraction of my work keeps my place, and the rest can be focused on big new things.

Am I there? No. But I feel like I’m getting closer by the hour. Much like the approaching monsoons, I feel like there’s shade and relief on the horizon, and there more ahead than just endurance by force of will. Now, nowhere does it say life should be easy, and I’ll admit I seem to enjoy the harder routes, but you can’t live off will and stubbornness forever. Something has to give, and at some point, if nothing else yields, that something will be you.

Thanks to everyone who’s stuck with me this far–I know quiet desperation isn’t nearly as exciting from the outside looking in. Hopefully things will be picking up soon.

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