CotM Site Relaunch

Cities of the Mind has changed a lot since I started it in 2011 as a place for my friends to keep up with my travels. It evolved into a place for me to post whatever stories I was writing while I tried to get my life rolling as a writer, and eventually my company page as I shifted over into full-time writing work. At that point, I created My Name is Connor as a place for my more random thoughts.

Over the years this site  has swung from nothing, to respectably popular, to the depths of anonymity several times, as I’ve put in work, then taken a leave of absence, then returned. To be honest, I sorta lost track of what I was doing with this site, or even why I had it.

I have figured that out. It’s going to be composed of two elements:

  1. Tips and stuff to help writers. I’ve gotten involved in a local writing group, and I find a lot of professional and semi-pro writers, most of whom are really quite good, have a lot of questions.
  2. Stories, anecdotes, and general happenings in my own professional life. Obviously, there are severe restrictions on what, if any, specific details I can provide, but my goal is to give you a window into what freelancing life is.

Much of this is already what I do, but I’m going to be coming at it from a dedicated and organized perspective. That means rolling everything back. I’ve pulled almost all of my old posts. It needed to be done, the loose organization of the early days wasn’t working with 500+ posts. Some are gone for good, or awaiting movement to my other site. Many of them will be coming back, edited, revised, better optimized for content and SEO, and within the new category and tag structure of the site. So for awhile some content may be familiar. A lot won’t, though. I mean, I had over 500 published posts on this site; I don’t remember most of them!

In the meantime, that means that they all disappear, the tag structure changes, the categories all vanish, and so on. There will be some hiccups, maybe some duplicate emails, and so on, as I get the organization and structure all ironed out. This is basically a full relaunch of the site, easily the biggest change since I migrated it over from WordPress to its own server.

For those few of you who have been along for the ride from the start, or close to it, I’d just like to say thanks. It’s been a wild ride, and I’ve love easily every other second of it.

PS regular reader and rather more prolific writer Lorraine Reguly just uploaded her ebook today, so you should consider checking out her fancy new blog.

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