I’m Happy Right Now

Go ahead, ask me why I’m happy. . .

I’m happy for tons of reasons. That’s why I’m happy. Some stuff I can’t tell you about, some I can.

April was a month full of travel, which can be tricky to balance with blogging, but I still managed to pull in reasonable sums of money. Work is going well. This site is going really well, too. I didn’t quite make my goal of doubling traffic, but I managed to bounce it by 78% according to Google. I’ve also been really climbing up the rankings in several areas.

My website global traffic rankings on Alexa are through the roof; we’re almost back to where I was before I abandoned the site. If we keep moving up at this pace, I’ll set the highwater mark for Cities of the Mind sometime in the second week of May.

My Facebook page has almost half again as many fans as it did a month ago.

This website’s redesign is really coming together. Most of the content is there, the Writer Resource page is functional. I’ve got good content coming up!

Also, I’ve come to a decision, which I’m not going to talk about in excruciating detail, but suffice to say I’ve started putting posts together for a new blog. My Name is Connor is probably going by the wayside, but that’s okay. There are other things in the future. Big things, good things! Can you feel the pent up excitement?

Also, I’m happy right this second because I’m sitting out on the porch, listening to rain on the tin roof, while a thunderstorm rolls through. I love the rain. I love this weather. Thunderstorms in May are a real rarity here in Phoenix. Usually, April, May, and June are the dry divider between the winter rains and the summer monsoons.

I should be sweating, but instead I’m nearly chilly. I can feel the storm breaking though. Soon the muggy warm will return. I’ll head to bed, and wake up tomorrow ready to hit the ground running; lots of work to do.

And, when you love your work, there’s nothing better than that.

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3 Thoughts on “WriterCast: Watch that Back End”

  • You know what would be a great blog post or video post from you? Walk us through how you are measuring your analytics. I set up Webmaster Tools and got some good samaritan to link it to my Google Analytics but now I’m helpless. What be this Alexa thou dost speak of?

    • Donna, I can do that, I think, though I’m just a novice myself. Worth a try, thanks for the idea!

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