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Are you setting the web on fire, or is your fair share of pillage and traffic plunder going to others? Is your pen truly mightier, or is it gathering dust on the mantle? Hey there, other writers, this post is for you. Join my writer army!


Okay, maybe enough of that. You may or may not know that I’ve ghostwritten books and I do a lot of blogging and content for people. I’ve recently moved into actually getting paid for things with my own name on them, which is pretty sweet. However, I’ve been thinking back to when I started out, and there was really not too much info out there I found especially helpful in a practical sort of way.

It is hard to conquer when there are no maps!

So I have a favor two to ask of you. Or three. Or four.

1. Are you willing to contribute a post on your own experience to my site?

I’d like to continue to grow my guest blogging presence, (just like every writer should) and feature a more diverse set of viewpoints here on CitiesoftheMind.com. I’d like to continue to make this website even more of a resource moving forward. Seriously, guest blogging is a big deal, everyone says so.

That said, you will have to bring your A-game; I’m probably going to limit guest posts to one a week, and I’m not going to run sub-par content if I’ve got something great sitting in the outbox. I’m looking for topics directly related to writing, or the business end of writing, okay? That’s a lot of space for you to spread your writer-wings in. I’m very flexible regarding length, anywhere from 500-2500 words, and more or less, if you do it well. Check out my current guest page for an idea of what to expect.

And yes, I do guest posts, but my schedule is heavy, so there may be a couple weeks between me agreeing to one and actually delivering.

2. Do you have suggestions for my Writer Resource Feed?

I’ve set up a “Writer Resource” feed on my site drawing excerpts from writers and writing sites I like in real time, so writers can just glance at a page and see if there’s content that interests them from a number of different sites. If they see something that catches their eye, they click “Read More” and off they go to the site.

Yes, you can suggest your own site, and don’t let your feelings be hurt if you don’t happen to be selected. It’s an RSS feed, so you need to have one on your site, or I won’t be able to include it. If you don’t think your site fits, but there’s another site you’d love to see in the feed, let me know!

3. Do you have smaller blurbs of advice you’d like to contribute?

They wouldn’t get their own page, but they could include a link back to your own site, if you like. I’m thinking of starting a “Advice from Writers” page. Uh, working title. I haven’t fully worked out how I’m going to do it. Be quotable, be witty. I might do a writing graphic for the best quote, weekly, if I get enough takers.

4. Suggestions, suggestions, suggestions!

What would you like to see more of out there? I’ve recently received the suggestion that I go a little more in depth regarding how to get Analytics up and running on a blog, and that sort of thing, so that’s on the list.

So, if you have suggestions let me know!

That’s About It

That’s all I’ve got for now, thanks for your feedback, help, blurbs, guest posts, and so on, I really do appreciate everything you readers do!

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5 Thoughts on “Writers! Conquer the Web!”

  • First of all, I’m liking the new look, and I’m glad you got rid of that annoying social button plugin. Sometimes the native freebies from WordPress are the way to go!

    I began a FITS (Freelancer in the Spotlight) Series on Wording Well, and I think you could do the same here, using a different name, of course. ;)

  • Haha, have to try everything for awhile!

    I’ve popped in on your FITS articles now and then, and I do think they’re a great idea.

    Hmmm. . . let’s see here. . . Spotlighting the Underappreciated People in Digital. I think it’s catchy ;)

    • You’re hilarious. I was thinking more of a “FFF” — Featured Freelancer Fridays. That sort of thing.

      But you can use can use WITS — Writer in the Spotlight. Just give me credit and say you copied my FITS idea!

      • Oh, I like it! (Also, it’s generous of you to share your ideas). I could even do a short version, 250-500 words, and call them half-WITS!

        • You crack me up. Thanks!!! I needed that laugh.

          You know, you’re really in the wrong biz. You should go into comedy, Connor. ;)

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